Kindness is such a wonderful thing. Sometimes, if we have nothing to offer, we find ways to help when others are in need. If we have no material things to share with the less fortunate, we can offer them our service, our time or our efforts to make their lives less miserable.

Stray dogs have always been regular beneficiaries of humans’ random acts of kindness. The government has its role to play in terms of helping them, and we do too. Now you may ask: what can I do? I am just a simple person who doesn’t have much to offer? Now, let’s address the question back to you: what can you do?

You might look at your dog and think about how privileged they are and sometimes how spoiled they have become. Well, in some sense, there is truth to it. If you think about it, a lot of dogs are out there on the streets; hungry, cold and miserable and some don’t even have a roof over their heads.

A little kindness can go a long way, and a young engineering student from Huancayo, Peru has realized this and set an example. The best part of her random act of kindness is that she didn’t do this to get attention, as she didn’t even know she was being photographed.

The photos above are candid photos of the young lady named Daniela Segura Morales. She was on her way home when it suddenly rained in the city. She noticed this tiny dog was stuck and started to get wet. She came to the poor pup’s rescue right away.

She knelt beside him and gave her a nice warm hug. But the hug isn’t just to make him comfortable, but to shield him from the rain. A bystander took their photo, and it went viral after being uploaded to Facebook. Her friends identified her, and when she found out, she said that she didn’t even know what to say. A sign of a real selfless act.

Credits to The Daily Mail


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