This poor little thing was left behind by his former family in a community where he was forced to seek refuge under an old and dusty car. The automobile was in such a state that you could hardly blame a person for assuming that it had been parked there for at least a decade. Luckily for this dog, however, someone still noticed that something or someone had made a home under the parked car and did not hesitate to let the Hope For Paws organization know. The dog was obviously terrified and was not thrilled with the idea of strangers approaching his spot under the car, and he would often growl at them so that they’d leave.

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Soon after the guys from the Hope For Paws organization arrived, they were able to confirm that the dog had moved over to the part of the space where he was between the car and the wall next to it. This was obviously an attempt to avoid his rescuers, and for a time it worked, because the car was too close to the wall and it was almost touching the ground too. They couldn’t reach him sideways, and they couldn’t go under the car to get to him. Still, they went on to block every possible exit the dog could have using the plastic fences that were portable enough to be assembled anywhere.

One of the rescuers continued to engage the terrified creature until the dog finally looked up long enough for the rescuer to wrap the snare around his neck, effectively securing him. Instead of pulling him toward them, however, they just stayed in their positions for a few minutes so that the dog could start getting used to them and eventually relax. After it became apparent that the dog had settled down, they decided it was time to pull him up and have him taken to their vehicle. Keanu was the name given to him.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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