Who says jealousy is just for people? Dogs can be jealous, too! Just look at this compilation video of dogs who become a bit possessive of their owners and get jealous every time there is somebody or something that takes the attention away from them. The difference? The faces they make! And still, they are so cute to look at. They are never irritating like with the faces that jealous people make.

Watch with pleasure and who knows? You might remember an instance or two that your very own dog has made faces like this? That will be both heartwarming and funny, right? Heartwarming because your dog loves you so much now that it is becoming jealous whenever your attention drifts away from it, and funny because the face it makes will definitely bring laughter to you. You might even reminisce when you are jealous and become conscious now of the face you might have made.

Viral video compilation of dogs when they are jealous

Ready to make your dog jealous?

No, you don’t want to do that. You know that awful feeling, and you don’t want your dog to feel that way, do you? So let’s stay positive even if they look awesome when they make the jealous face and you feel totally elated when they become jealous about your attention. What you wanted to do is make them feel loved but not overly attached to you because that will turn them to brats that will require almost all of your time.

How to make them feel loved without allowing them to become too attached? Give it some of your time so the two of you can bond but set boundaries like the areas that it will have access. While the idea is cute, refrain from oversharing. This will just become a habit that is so hard to break.

Source: Funny Pets via Youtube


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