While the dream of opening up an animal shelter in the future hasn’t become a reality yet, 51-year-old Tony Alsup is doing everything he can do to help cats and dogs that were affected by natural disasters.

After learning about the overcrowding of various animal shelters in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, the Greenback truck operator from Tennessee knew he had to do something to assist those who are often left abandon in times of calamities. But because transporting animals in a semi-trailer truck can pose risks, the kind-hearted man did something that most people experiencing disasters would not even think of doing.

With a $3,200 price tag, Tony purchased an old yellow school bus. To accommodate animal crates and other donations from good Samaritans, Tony removed the bus seats and went on to Texas.

Ever since he purchased the vehicle, he has been transporting animals out of the crisis area across the south. The farthest he has traveled was Puerto Rico to assist animal rescue teams after being devastated by Hurricane Maria.

While thousands of others drove out of South Carolina before the Hurricane Florence approaches, Tony started driving into the state to relocate animals out of their shelters and transport them into a different location. From North Myrtle Beach to Orangeburg and Georgetown, Tony was able to carry 53 dogs and 11 cats into his vehicle and delivered them safely in a private shelter in Foley, Alabama.

From there, the animals were assigned to different shelters and foster homes across the United States of America for adoption, with some even finding their fur-ever homes right there and then.

When interviewed by The Washington Post outside of Fayetteville in North Carolina, Tony said that all animals are welcomed in the back seat of his bus. Even if he has to pay for the fuel, boat, and all transportation costs, he will do it just to get them to safety.

Source: Saint Fances Animal Shelter via Facebook


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