Tornadoes are some of the worst things that can ever hit our cities. They are fast, furious, and destructive. However, these monsters are created by nature, and all we can do is be vigilant and be prepared for them. Unfortunately, when we are hit by these things, especially strong ones, the devastation is just unimaginable.

Back in 2013, the city of Moore in the state of Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado, the highest category on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The twister claimed 24 lives and injured 212 people, and the estimated damage was over 2 billion dollars, one of the worst that the state has ever seen.

But just like in any other tragedy, the American spirit will always rise up from the ashes. In the video below, what rose up was more tangible than a spirit, and it was covered in fur. One of the survivors, Rachquel Brown, was being interviewed by CBS News during the aftermath.

She was being asked about her thoughts as she stared at her wrecked home. Rachquel did her best to come up with a coherent reply despite her pain and despair. She was talking about how so many memories were wiped away by the destructive tornado in an instant.

Rachquel’s mind was too clouded about everything that happened that she even forgot about her dog, Charlie. Luckily, this tough pup was able to survive the onslaught. As his mom was giving her two cents about what happened, her jaw dropped upon seeing her fur baby.

Rachquel’s sadness was instantly replaced by joy, seeing that her pooch survived the tornado. Seeing her pup gave her spirit the much-needed boost. Charlie became a reminder for her that despite the tragedy, there is always a reason to rise up again. It was a pleasant surprise that came at the right time for Rachquel.

Credits: CBS News


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