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While school is a place for learning, it can also be an unsafe space for children, especially those who are introverts. In school, students have different personalities. Some are loud, and some are reserved. Carson is more of a reserved type. This is the reason why he often gets bullied. Thanks to his dog, though, as Carson chose to take the higher road each time someone bullies him.

Since he always gets teased by his bully classmates, Carson’s emotional well-being got affected. The boy’s self-esteem started to plummet, and he became anxious whenever he was at school.

It was an everyday struggle for Carson to go to school. Carson’s family tried all remedies they could to help the young boy. They told the school officials about Carson’s daily struggles at school, and they also let Carson attend counseling. But all these did not make any difference.

Carson’s mom then had an idea after reading an article online. According to the report, pets help children improve their self-confidence. Furthermore, the same reading suggested that dogs help people struggling with depression feel good about themselves.

This prompted Carson’s mom to provide her son with a pooch. The next mission for Carson’s mom is to look for a potential dog that will complement the personality of her son. This paved the way for her to meeting Zero, a six-month-old puppy.

Zero is not a perfect dog. The dog recently got hit by a car. As a result of this accident, Zero’s right back leg needed to be amputated. Even then, the dog still radiates positive vibes.

Over the summer break, Carson and Zero met and instantly built a good connection. The boy started to regain his confidence and sense of self. When school started, Carson’s personality improved. The boy overcame his anxiety and was always excited to learn new things.

Credits to The Petco Foundation.


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