While Great Danes are known as a friendly and patient breed, they sometimes have a difficult time finding the perfect set of friends. This is mainly because most dogs are always smaller than them and are not used to roughhousing with a gigantic pooch. Thankfully for Olaf, who is living on a farm in Cornwall, UK, he need not worry about fitting in.

Olaf had been living with his 54-year-old fur mom, Hillary Hogg, and her husband, Chris, for around three years now. The couple had always wanted to own a Great Dane since 20 years ago, and now that they finally have the resources to take care of one, they decided to go for Olaf.

At first, they were worried that he might not get along well with the farm animals. But when they noticed that he and the miniature donkey herd took a liking to each other, they were delighted that Olaf fits right in. Olaf was happy that he finally found his people who are around the same size as him.

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The herd enjoys having Olaf around and would often be seen hanging out with him in the morning during his walks around the farm. Olaf would also try to do dog stuff with them, such as playing fetch and chasing each other around the field. However, he is yet to convince his newfound friends to do the same.

Nonetheless, he is happy just strolling with them in the field as one of their own. Although he sometimes gets jealous when the donkeys get pets from Hillary, he is still one of the most understanding and smart pups around the neighborhood.

Hillary and her husband still watch over the pack whenever they are in the field together as the donkeys may still misinterpret Olaf’s behavior from time to time. For now, they are happy that the donkeys treat the Great Dane with much love and support. Watch their adorable friendship here.

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