Meet Harper, an amiable rescued dog. An organization called Howl Of A Dog rescued this canine from a public pound. She was almost euthanized if not for the help of the said organization. After being rescued, she was taken straight to the clinic.

The Vets found out a few medical conditions that needed attention. The wet and concrete floor of the pound made the dog’s paws irritated and red. When they found Harper, she was very hungry and underweight. The rescuers gave an estimate of her age. She is about 2-years-old.

They also ran extra tests to get more information about Harper’s general health. It also helped to see if she had other illnesses. Soon after, it was discovered that Harper is suffering from a form of intestinal infection. She was given medication for it immediately.

A medicated bath was done to her to remove her fleas. This also helps soothe Harper’s skin. Every passing day contributes to this dog’s healthy recovery.

It didn’t take long for Harper to find joy in a new life. She realized that life could be great. Harper is so friendly. She tends to kiss everyone. This could be the dog’s way of expressing her gratitude towards her rescuers.

It’s really hard to suppress a smile when you are around this dog. After intensive daily care, Harper has finally gained weight. She is now a healthy dog ready to be adopted and find a home. Harper is currently in Romania, but Howl Of A Dog allows international adoption.

Who wouldn’t want such a loving dog like Harper in their home? If you’re interested in adopting this dog, you can visit Howl Of A Dog’s website. Let’s hope Harper finds her way into a loving home soon. This dog deserves all the love.

Video courtesy of How Of A Dog via YouTube


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