In South Korea, there’s this dog that developed a habit of following his mom to work — and then stealing and hiding her shoes! It would always end with his mom having to go home barefooted. It obviously extremely inconvenient but his mom never came to resent this behavior.

The dog’s name is Nan, and as it turned out, there was a heart-breaking reason for this habit that he had acquired. When the family had adopted him, his mama dog had recently passed away. And according to the family, the dog had formed an incredible bond with his human mom from the first moment they met.

Whenever his human mom would leave the house, Nan would start demonstrating signs of separation anxiety. And the only time he would go back to his normal, carefree self is after his human mom had come home. This knew that it had to be related to his habit of stealing her shoes every single day.

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So they tried to figure out a way to put an end to both Nan’s separation anxiety and the stealing of the shoes. They installed a security camera in the house that can be accessed by connecting to the Internet. This way, they would be able to see if Nan is about to leave the house.

They also installed a speaker his human mom can connect to over the Internet. Whenever she would see the Nan is about to leave the house, she would speak into her microphone, and her voice would come out of the speaker at their house.

It worked because whenever Nan would leave the house, his human mom would always call to him through the speaker and ask him to please stay home. After his hearing his mom’s voice, he would start to calm done and return to his favorite spot.

Perhaps he’s afraid he’s going to lose her human mom just as suddenly and just as quickly as he lost his mama dog. Well, who can blame him? No one is too old to lose a parent. You lose one, at any age, you might as well be a child.

Source: SBS TV via YouTube


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