A lot of dogs are possessive of their favorite toy, ball or stick, but Theo isn’t most like dogs. Since he was just a small and chunky pup, Theo has always loved his metal bowls. For him, the bowls aren’t just playthings; they’re his security blanket.

Theo and his bowls

Theo’s humans first noticed the bulldog’s fascination with metal bowls since they got him as a pup. At first, Theo would place his two front paws inside the bowl. But later on, they noticed him trying to grab the bowl with his mouth. He would then fling it with his nose and then play with it every way he can.

When Theo wants to play with the water bowl, he’d intentionally spill the remaining water out of it. His humans no longer want to deal with spilled water, so they decided to buy him a lot of bowls in different sizes to play with. There were just two criteria though: the bowls need to be made of metal and have lips around the edges so that Theo can hold them properly with his mouth.

But Theo doesn’t just play with his metal bowls. He takes them everywhere he goes. If he is not playing with the bowls, Theo can be seen chewing or sleeping with them. You surely can’t part Theo and his bowls!

The challenge to Theo’s obsession

With all the dragging and playing Theo does with his bowls, it’s only a matter of time before the bowls get dirty. His humans would pick up the bowls and put them inside the dishwasher. But Theo gets so agitated waiting for his bowls to clean, so his humans figured that they shouldn’t wash the water bowls with the bulldog around. The pain of being temporarily away from his bowls is too much for Theo to handle.

Theo’s odd obsession over his water bowls is beyond adorable. Thankfully, his humans are more than willing to support his quirky habit, so now he has a lot of bowls to play and sleep with. Watch how much Theo adores his bowls in the video below.

Thanks to bulldog_dad


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