This tiny puppy was left in a little box. The unfortunate thing was shaking with fear because of her predicament. She was looking really sick too as her head was full of blisters. Abby’s strong tail wagging says that she has the will to live and Dina held on to that.

Dina took Abby home to help her feel that she is safe in the world, but Abby still has a long way to go. For the first two weeks, Abby was not getting better, in fact, it seems that her condition and blisters were getting worse. Dina took Abby to the vet, but even the vet did not know what was wrong with her.

She was getting worse by the day, and she would not let anyone touch her. Abby would only stay inside her kennel, lay down, and cry. They again did a bunch of skin tests and several blood tests. It turns out that Abby has a rare skin disease, and when she was finally getting the right treatment, she was feeling so much better.

Her personality slowly emerged, which shows that she is a very spunky little puppy. She enjoys going for a walk and playing with other dogs. Though she lost most of her hair as the blisters are always there, which makes her look like a really cute gremlin, her spirit did not change.

Abby was finally ready to be adopted. As Abby waits for her forever home, she continues to a great and loving dog to her foster mom. Dina is very proud of what she has accomplished. She has gone a long way from the scared little puppy that was found in a litter box to a spunky and energetic little canine.

Abby has learned to enjoy life and will continue to live each day as if it’s the best day ever.


Source The Dodo via YouTube


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