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Our pet dogs can be very playful at times, and when we try to confront their silliness, they have the most precious reactions.

Take for instance the reaction of these two dogs when their owner tried to confront them of who between the two of them destroyed the insole of his shoes.

The pooches’ reaction will surely brighten up anyone’s day. In a Youtube video, the two dogs looked so stunned that their owner went ballistic after finding out what the dogs did to the insole of his shoes.

Oddie the dachshund and an unidentified big gray dog accomplice to the crime were up for a confrontation with their master. The owner, who was taking the video too, was not up in tolerating the bad behavior of his dogs and asked them who did the ‘crime.’

The two dogs seemed very guilty, bowed down in shame, and did not react at all — something that any remorseful person would do when he realized he wrongfully done something. In this case, destroy a belonging of their master.

But do dogs really feel the guilt when confronted with their playfulness? Different studies say otherwise.

In an interview with ABC News,  veteran veterinary scientist Doctor Susan Hazel dismissed that pets, dogs in particular, felt guilt. According to her, many studies on the behavior of dogs show that these animals do not display guilt. They, instead, are extremely good at knowing clues from their bad behavior, thereby acting as if guilty when confronted.

She added that dogs would react on the body language of their owners rather than the situation the pet got caught doing silly things.

This finding was supported by dog trainer Tracey Jones, saying it is not entirely the guilt that is being shown by the dog but the feeling of upsetting their owner. They read the body language and they know once an owner is upset.

Tracey, meanwhile, suggested a cure to the playful demeanor of dogs and that is positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement may include teaching the dogs the right attitude and training them to do things the right way.

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