Floyd and Liberty have been chained up all their life. They were chained, hungry, and abandoned on an island. The island is like a wasteland for unwanted dogs.

This mother and son are not the only ones that have been abandoned. There are countless abandoned animals all over the world.

There are places all over the world known for dumping unwanted dogs. The mother and son were found in such a location. The place they were abandoned in was called “inferno island.” Liberty and Floyd are lucky that volunteers came to rescue them.

They were taken out of that place they call “inferno island” and brought to a better place. Both dogs were brought to the vet clinic so they can check the health status of both dogs. Liberty was quite sick, but people from the vet clinic took care of her properly.

Liberty was given the proper medication for her condition. For the first time, both felt free. They were staying with a foster family for a while. And that’s where they felt love for the first time.

The time came that they needed to be adopted. Floyd was adopted first. After a few months, the family that took Floyd was kind enough to adopt Liberty as well. Both are finally in a place where they can be happy and free together.

Liberty was a senior, and it would have been challenging for her to get adopted. In this way, she gets adopted and also gets reunited with her son.

The two were reunited at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The mother and son now live happily in Holland with their forever family. This duo was fortunate enough to be saved.

There are still a lot of dogs out there who are not so lucky. May people learn to do their part and help these loving canines.

Source The Orphan Pet via YouTube


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