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Life is short. This phrase is not only applicable to humans but also dogs. The veterinarian who checked Parker predicted that the dog only had a few months to live due to a cancerous mass inside his body.

With this development, volunteers from Helping Hand for Animals and S&B Kountry Kennel in Iowa did everything they can to make the pooch happy. They understand that while the prediction might be wrong, they want to give the pooch the most blissful memories he could treasure.

According to the volunteers, Parker’s life is not all glitz and glamor. The dog came from bad experiences wherein he was abandoned by his former owners twice. The dog found refuge with the Helping Hand for Animals after he was dumped and stayed there for a long time.

One day, the pooch began vomiting. This is the time when the volunteers decided to bring Parker to a veterinarian. When the test results of his laboratories went out, several masses were seen inside the dog’s body.

The tests likewise showed that the masses already spread inside Parker’s body, and his only way to extend his life is through surgery. The surgery was done to remove some of the masses.

After the surgery, the animal shelter contacted Parker’s former owners to inform them about the ordeal. The center, however, did not get any response from the owners. So, the shelter decided to take matters into their hands.

The volunteers brought Parker back to the shelter and put their focus on the dog’s recovery. They then set up a fundraising activity for the dog. When the community heard the news about the fundraising activity, donations, and help started pouring in for the dog.

Parker also gets visited by his favorite friends from the S&B Kountry Kennel. Whenever the dogs visit Parker, they would play ball and eat steak afterward. Steak is Parker’s favorite food, so the volunteers always prepare it for the pooch. According to the volunteers, they are doing this so that Parker will experience the best days of his life.

Posted by S&B Kountry Kennel on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Credits to S&B Kountry Kennel.


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