Having a new addition to the family usually brings a mix of emotions to humans as much as it does to our pets. And Larry, this good-natured German Shepherd, sure felt that too. He’s been his master’s apple of the eye for a little while back until Quinn, the couples’ firstborn finally came along.

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It’s obvious how Larry adores Quinn that he instantly welcomed her into the family. He’s always been so protective of her; response willingly to her by licking her hands and never passes on an opportunity to play and cuddle with one another. But Quinn’s dad never approved of Larry licking her cute little face. Reluctant as he was, he knew he just couldn’t do.

It didn’t take long though before adorable baby Quinn took matters in her own hands, and decided that she wanted a kiss from her good pal, Larry. In between coos and babbles, Quinn leaned forward several times and kissed Larry. At first, Larry had second thoughts knowing that Quinn’s dad was right there watching. But Quinn was just so irresistible that Larry quickly obliged. Larry sat right in front of Quinn and looking every inch like a gentleman delicately pressed his paws on her legs, glanced to her father to get that look of approval, and happily kissed and licked her face. There’s no denying that Quinn liked it, as she giggled and smiled to Larry’s sweet gesture.

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The proud parent could not contain his happiness upon witnessing the moment firsthand. He knew that this milestone was certainly one for the books. He felt Larry’s love and loyalty for his darling daughter and was thrilled knowing that her daughter has found herself a loyal best friend.

It sure was the sweetest and most amazing moment. See for yourself in the video below:

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