It is expected that a mother will always be protective of her young, and dog moms are no different. For a mom, their children are the most important thing in the world, and they will always protect them. This dog mom has been a stray for over a year and became pregnant.

Though a lot of people have seen her around, no one has been able to get close as she would either run away or growl at them. Tyra Scroggins of Cause-N-Dog Rescue was called to help in rescuing the dog and her litter of puppies. When they got to the area, the puppies were hidden in a little ditch.

They fed the mom first while they rescued all ten puppies. When the puppies were safe in the car, it was time to save the mother. The mother went to the car and tried to take a peek at her children, but every time they try to close the car door, she would always jump out.

They tried this multiple time to no avail, so they changed their strategy in capturing her. After hours of trying, they were finally able to catch her using her puppies as bait. The rescuers named the mom Lady Blue, and together with her puppies, they are living comfortably at the shelter.

Lady Blue is the best mom as she nurses her babies and even goes outside to play with them. When it was time for them to be adopted, almost all of the puppies had a family except for Brenda, who got her shyness from her mom. She is not a fan of strangers but loves all the volunteers at the shelter.

Fortunately, Brenda was able to get a family of her own, and now it’s time for Lady Blue to get hers. She has come a long way, and she is ready to have her forever home.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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