A stray and malnourished puppy accidentally found her forever family after entering a stranger’s home in Pennsylvania, US. The homeowner, Jack Jokinen, woke up one morning and was surprised to see a wet pup in their living area.

Jack and his wife were confused about how the dog managed to enter their house since they shut all doors and windows that night. However, a CCTV clip showed them otherwise.

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When they watched the footage, they discovered that their front door wasn’t shut properly. It was after Jack went outside with his two-year-old son. The family concluded that the strong winds might have fully opened their door, which led the pup to come inside.

“My wife and I had no idea why there was a stray puppy in our home. The CCTV footage showed us that he came in around three o’clock in the morning when our door was unlocked,” Jack mentioned.

Luckily, a kind neighbor passed by and saw their front door open. He looked inside and saw nobody, so he closed the door shut — locking in the pooch inside.

The dog, who appeared to be a Labrador puppy, was sickly and thin. She was also limping, so the couple decided to bring her to the nearest vet for a check-up.

After observation, they discovered that the pup was actually a nine-year-old senior dog who has a few health problems. The poor dog had damaged teeth, infected paws, and was unvaccinated. The pooch also wasn’t chipped.

Although Jack and his wife already have kids and a family dog to watch over, they still decided to adopt the pooch. After all, other things could have happened with their door opened in the middle of the night. But instead, they got a sweet, loving dog.

They named the pup Suzy and even created an Instagram account for her. After Jack told Susy’s story online, people started donating for her medical needs, now with a total of $15,000. According to the family, the excess will be given to other dogs in need.

Love is an open door, indeed! Watch how Suzy ended up in Jack’s house by watching the news clip below.

Video credit: Youtube CBS Philly


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