Zuzi is a homeless canine who was living in a parking lot of a company. Like other homeless dogs, he spends cold winters outside with no shelter. Zuzi would lay on the ground or the cold cement.

She lived on leftovers from the employees for food. Some were kind enough to give her food, and others were not as friendly as they would chase her away. This poor dog has had a rough past.

Zuzi was even traumatized by an incident where dog catchers were too aggressive. They chased after her and was quite brutal when it came to using catchpoles.

The rescuers from Howl Of A Dog made sure that catchpoles won’t be used in capturing Zuzi. The team has decided that the best solution to catch Zuzi is by using a tranquilizer.

The use of tranquilizer was under a vet’s supervision. This time, Zuzi calmed down and allowed the rescuers to approach her. The biting and barking finally stopped.

Because of her trauma, she used to bark at the rescuers and even attempt to bite them. Now, she has calmed down and accepted the help that was offered.

Zuzi was full of fleas and wounds. The wounds might have been caused by excessive scratching or Zuzi might have been bitten by other dogs. Zuzi was treated immediately.

Zuzi no longer sleeps in the cold. No more cold winters. Zuzi finally gets to sleep in a warm bed. She is now surrounded by people that are showing her the love that she deserves.

Because of all that love, Zuzi started to trust humans again. Zuzi has learned how to accept love and kindness from people. She is currently waiting for her forever family. While she waits, it’s good to know that she is in a safe place.

Source Howl Of A Dog via YouTube


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