Whether it is a person or an animal, living an entire life as a homeless creature can take a massive toll on their lives. And when one Pit Bull named Rush lived almost his whole life astray, it turned him into a sad and panicky dog.

Rush is a dog who gets tense easily, so the kind shelter staff of SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, showered the dog with delicious treats. They also gave him a warm and cozy bed to lie on in the hopes of improving his disposition.

Days have gone by. Rush seemed to think that he should do something to be noticed by people visiting the shelter. When the shelter staff walked past his cage, they were surprised to see him come up with a trick on his sleeve.

Determined to see if what they saw was right, the workers began investigating what Rush was up to. They found the dog waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to make his very own bed. He does this so when any potential adopters would walk by his kennel, they would see him sitting proudly on clean sheets.

To further increase the chances of Rush getting adopted into a loving home, the staff decided to take a video of the dog’s morning routine and shared it with fellow dog-lovers. When the video garnered a million views, Rush received a lot of adoption applications from many interested adopters.

After a thorough screening, Rush’s caretakers decided to have him adopted by a lovely couple whose dog passed by a year before their adoption application. And finally, Rush no longer needs to work hard just to impress someone because he already has a home with owners who will love him and give him all the cuddle he could ever need.

Source: SICSA Pet Adoption Center via YouTube


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