Dogs that come from a history of abuse react in a way one can expect. They are scared, traumatized dogs that need rescuing and care. This is a story of one particular dog that surprised its rescuers with a heartwarming reaction.

The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Texas recently received media attention. It’s an organization with a dedication to fighting serial animal abuse. It’s also the leading animal welfare group in North Texas. This is why it often gets calls and reports about nearby animal abuse cases.

One caller had reported a suspicious animal activity in a home in Pleasant Groves near southeast Dallas. It turns out that the home for the animals kept there is far from pleasant. Furthermore, this wasn’t the first time this particular owner was reported.

Before this report, the owner at Pleasant Groves had been issued a warning. They were asked to improve the living conditions of the animals living there. When the SPCA found out almost nothing had changed, they had to take action.

The SPCA joined together with the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County District Attorney’s office. They found two horses and one dog. The live dog was located near a tree chained to it. They also discovered that none of these animals were given appropriate food and water.

They found the poor dog in a malnourished condition and had wounds in its ears. The officers approached the pitbull with caution. Contrary to what the officers expected, the dog did not show any sign of aggression. The dog put his paw on an officer’s hand and went for a kiss on the cheek.

The SPCA seized the rescued animals. They took care of the horses and the pit bull. The rescued dog even got a new name. The put bull responded to the name Buck when the veterinarian called it out. It seems like Buck is going to enjoy his new life.

Video courtesy of eMystery via YouTube



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