Here is a video of something terrible that immediately turned good because clearly, people still care a lot. In the video is Kai, the dog that his owner intentionally left on the lobby of a train station. It is intentional because the dog is tied to a suitcase full of its belongings, including food and various toys. So when volunteers explored further on the dog’s belongings and physical situation, they learned that it has a medical condition which may be the reason its dog parent gave up on the dog.

See more and get to know more information about this viral video of Kai by watching this video below. You will be inspired by how positive, caring people are that even in the worst scenario, the greatness shines through. Fortunately, and because of these angels without wings, Kai is now enjoying his life with all the love he needs.

Meet Kai, the abandoned dog found at a train station

How the rescuers knew more about Kai

One of the many things that lead the rescuers to the vital information of the lonely dog is the microchip that was implanted on his neck. The dog owner may have forgotten about that unique ID that will point to all the information about the dog, including its name and owner. That information will also include the medical information of the dog and all the access to contact data of its owner.

Indeed, microchipping is vital in safekeeping pets. It helps in finding lost or abducted pets, may it be intentional or not. In this case, it helped the authorities to trace back the information of the dog owner and the reason behind he did what he had to do as he best understand the current situation. Microchipping is also inexpensive, so if you have a dog that you genuinely care about, it is the best possible way you can show that love to your dog.

Source: Mega Inspiring via Youtube


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