When Michelle Thomas fostered a puppy, she didn’t expect that her life would change forever. Apparently, the puppy was rescued after being thrown out from a truck window. Despite her unusual physical appearance, she still touched many people’s lives.

The puppy’s wonderful personality was revealed gradually when she was brought to animal control. Staff members of the animal control fell in love with her right after they saw her. They wanted to find a home for the puppy because she deserved a family who would love her unconditionally.

When Michelle saw the puppy on a social media site, she immediately decided to foster her. She believed that the puppy was a good fit for her family. Michelle gave her a new identity; in fact, she named her Delta.

When Delta was four months old, she had some symptoms of rare illnesses. Aside from stunted growth, she had a weak appetite and a breathing problem. Because Michelle was anxious about the puppy’s condition, she brought her to a veterinary hospital to know her real condition.

After some medical procedures, Delta was diagnosed with dwarfism and brachycephalic syndrome. Unfortunately, she needed to undergo surgery to treat her breathing problems caused by brachycephalic syndrome. With the help of New Life Dog Rescue, the puppy was able to obtain medical treatment for her illnesses. Fortunately, she was treated until she recovered.

When Delta fully recovered, she did many outdoor activities with Michelle. They swam and played together in a swimming pool beside their house. They also socialized with different people when they went for long walks.

Delta and Michelle’s story was absolutely inspiring because they showed a genuine love between a dog owner and a dog. Michelle’s compassion for the puppy was impressive, too, because she loved and accepted her despite her awful condition. They really had a good relationship that amazed many people all over the world.

Delta was very lucky to have a loving owner who did everything to help her recover from her awful condition. Without Michelle’s help, the puppy would not survive her health problems. Delta was very grateful to her loving owner, who gave her a second chance to live with the most wonderful life. Now, the puppy truly enjoys her life, knowing that someone loves her unconditionally despite any circumstances.

Credits to Delta The Dwarf


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