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Rosa Smith, a 74-year-old Georgian woman, is a retired lawyer. She has a Yorkie mix she named Daphne. Since she already has the luxury of time, Smith would always take Daphne out. The dog meant the world to her.

According to Smith, she does not know what to do if ever her pooch would be gone. One day, Smith’s fear became a reality. While she was standing outside her car at a gasoline station in DeKalb, the older woman was violently attacked by three men. When she was already left unconscious, the three men drove away using her car. Daphne was inside the stolen vehicle.

Since the wounds she incurred were severe, Smith got hospitalized. Smith had bruises all around her body, and she said she felt a terrible pain in her hips. As she was recovering in the hospital, Smith did not have an idea where Daphne was. This left her devastated.

Good news, though, reached her when Candace Thompson contacted her. Thompson said that the pooch is already safe with her. According to Thompson, she saw Daphne wandering on the road in southwest Atlanta. When she knew that the dog had no one with her, Thompson decided to rescue the poor dog.

From there, Thompson realized that the dog is not stray because the dog was wearing a collar with tags on it. The pooch likewise appeared in good condition, unlike most of the stray dogs she sees daily. Since there was a contact number on the dog’s tag, Thompson immediately contacted the mobile number. No one was answering, though, because Smith was still in the hospital.

As soon as she heard of the news, Smith immediately meet with Thompson to reunite with her beloved Daphne. Although she was still not feeling well, Smith forced herself to see Thompson to thank her personally for saving Daphne.

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