A pit bull has gotten a new lease on life after he was cruelly left to drown in the rising tide of Shrewsbury River in New Jersey.

Eatontown resident Jennifer Vaz was walking her pooch Molly at Veterans Memorial Park when the canine started pulling on her leash, wanting to go near the water.

At first, Jennifer thought Molly was merely interested in getting a closer look at the birds, but then she realized she could hear whining coming from the water. Looking down, she spotted a pair of sad eyes staring right back at her from behind the bars of a cage.

Image credit: Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office on Facebook

Those eyes belonged to a young pit bull. The kennel was right in the river, and the tide was rising; in just an hour, the canine would’ve drowned had anybody not noticed him.

Jennifer immediately notified the police and animal control, and then she climbed down and got the pit bull out of the cage while Molly comforted her fellow canine.

By the time the authorities arrived at Veterans Memorial Park, the water had almost completely covered the wire kennel.

Jennifer decided to call the pit bull River. She took him home so he could rest up and recover from his brush with death while she contacted the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to get help for the canine.

A few days later, the police released a warrant for the man suspected to have left the pit bull in the water, 36-year-old Aaron Davis from Long Beach.

Davis eventually turned himself in, and a grand jury formally charged him in February of this year with attempted animal cruelty as well as animal cruelty.

Apparently, River—who was formerly known as Blaze—was a gift from the ex-boyfriend of Davis’s current girlfriend. When the ex broke into the woman’s house, Davis attempted to drown River to get back at him.

Thankfully, River not only survived the incident but also found a loving forever home with his rescuer, Jennifer.

Watch River bonding with his new fur mom in the video below:

Source: Eyewitness News ABC7NY on YouTube


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