Some videos never die. They get circulated again and again over the Internet, being posted and reposted on social media. They become classic favorites that people like to watch every now and then.

One such video features a dog owner teasing his hungry dog about food. This clip has been around for many years, and it has more than 197 million views on YouTube.

The video shows the owner talking to his dog about how he couldn’t get his mind off food lately. The man went on to tell his dog that he opened the fridge’s meat drawer.

The dog asked his owner what was in the meat drawer. The man told him he found maple flavored bacon in there and took it out.

“I thought, I know who would like that,” the man told his dog, who was looking hopeful that he was about to get some bacon. But then, the man said, “Me!” and told his dog he ate the bacon.

“Awww! No!” the dog replied. “You’re kidding me.”

The man proceeded to tell his dog that he also found steak in the fridge. The dog’s ears reacted at the mention of the word steak, but his expression quickly turned to dismay when his owner said he ate the steak, too.

The dog owner said he went back to the fridge and took some chicken and cheese, and covered it all with cat treats. The dog, almost drooling at the food being described to him and hoping to eat it, listened intently to what the man was saying.

“Guess what?” the man said. “I gave it to the cat!”

At this, the dog lost it and yelled, “Nooooo!!!”

Of course, the video was edited and the dog’s “voice” was dubbed, but it can’t be denied that it was cleverly made. It continues to amuse people until today. It is indeed the ultimate dog tease.

Source: Talking Animals via YouTube


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