Losing one’s sight may be one of the worst things that could happen to someone. Katana, a very adventurous dog, has always enjoyed going hiking trails with her dad. They have been to over a lot of trails together.

For Kyle, Katana is the perfect travel and adventure buddy as she is always up for anything. Then something terrible happened, and it happened really fast. One day, Katana was diagnosed with glaucoma, which affected her vision, and in only thirty-six hours, her vision was gone.

It was so sudden that it took a toll on Katana’s attitude. One day, she was running up and down a trail, then became very cautious when crossing a small space like their living room. It was heartbreaking for Kyle to see the changes in Katana and knew he needed to get his old dog back.

So Kyle found a new way to communicate with Katana, and she has been very cooperative with this new way of communication. They even practiced the “stop” command where Katana would freeze on her track. When Katana’s doctors gave them the signal that she could handle another trip, they went on another major adventure which is the Florida trail.

It was amazing for Kyle to see Katana in her element and see her confidence grow. She has hiked every single day, even if it was only for a mile, which made her dad very proud of her. Her dad carried her for most of the trail, which is around 800 miles in total, but Katana walked more than 200 miles herself, which is impressive.

After 72 days of patience and perseverance, both have finally finished the Florida trail and it is a great accomplishment for them. There will be challenges every single day, but as long as you don’t quit and you keep trying, you are already winning. Kyle is happy and grateful that he has his dog’s confidence back.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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