Scooter, the Chihuahua, once had a loving family. However, things suddenly changed when his human died. Because of that, Scooter found himself in the shelter together with many other homeless animals.

Losing the home that he had known for years disheartened little Scooter. Without a new family, Scooter did his best to comfort himself. He went to his bed and tucked himself in using a blue blanket. He hid his entire body under the coat except for his worried little face and sharply pointed ears.

Posted by Scooter’s Rescue on Monday, July 29, 2019


Scooter is such a sweet and handsome little guy. However, he’s already 12 years old. Aside from that, he also has an old hip injury. Because of that, the Humane Society of Branch County staff assumed that he would not be appealing to potential adopters. The shelter’s manager, Jan Nageldinger, even thought that Scooter might spend the rest of his life with them.

However, things changed when the shelter posted Scooter’s photo. Many people all over the globe offered him home. One of those was Jessica Lynn Howard. Jessica said that she and Tim, her husband, were lying in bed when she came across Scooter’s picture.

The photo of Scooter tucked in his blanket brought Jessica to tears. She showed it to her husband and immediately told him that she has to get him. Without second thoughts, Tim agreed. So, the next day, Jessica drove three hours to bring Scooter home.

UPDATE: SCOOTER HAS BEEN ADOPTED just went back to say goodnight and lockup. This is Scooter. He tucks himself in at night. I pray someone adopts this boy soon…

Posted by Humane Society of Branch County on Friday, July 12, 2019


Jessica has six other dogs, including two Chihuahuas that she also adopted from the shelter. When the pack saw Scooter, they gave him a warm welcome. According to Jessica, it was as if he’s their long-lost friend.

Now that he already found a new loving family, Scooter transformed into a happy and playful pup. Jessica said that, sometimes, he acts as if he’s only two years old. He still loves taking naps with his blanket on. Jessica said that she tried tucking Scooter in. However, he prefers doing it himself as if he wants to ensure that he gets covered just right.

Credit: Scooter’s Rescue, Humane Society of Branch County


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