If you are an avid reader who also happen to adore dogs, here’s a list of the most famous literary canine made just for you.

The Odyssey’s Argos

The Odyssey is Homer’s epic poem about Odysseus’s long journey after the culmination of the Trojan War. One of this literary work’s most beloved character is the protagonist’s dog, named Argos. For 20 years Argos waited for the return of his wandering master.

Argos the dog died after having been reunited with his beloved human.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s Toto

This story is one of humanity’s most well-loved works of fiction. And it’s not only because Dorothy’s epic journey was an engrossing one. It did not hurt that the tale included an adorable canine named Toto.

Toto was Dorothy’s trusted sidekick, accompanying the latter to her wild and exciting if a little unsafe journey to Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the brainchild of L, Frank Baum and had its first circulation back in 1900. Since publication this tale has already inspired various cinematic renditions, and every time they get the cutest canine to play Toto.

The Phantom Tollbooth’s Tock

The Phantom Tollbooth is Norton Juster’s 1961 novel. This tale is about Milo, a bored young boy who discovers a new and strange world after receiving a note from an undisclosed sender. On the course of Tock’s adventure, he meets a rather large dog named Tock.

Tock is a watchdog flanked by two alarm clocks on both sides. In the tale Tock is both a literal dog and a metaphorical presence. The Phantom Tollbooth was widely acclaimed, selling more than 3 million copies.

David Copperfield’s Jip

Jip is a lap dog adored by its owner, Dora, from David Copperfield. This dog cannot get enough of his human’s attention and is quite jealous when such attention is directed elsewhere. Despite this character quirk, Jip is still a lovable literary pup.

Lassie Come Home’s Lassie

Lassie is arguably pop culture’s most beloved and popular Rough Collie. This literary canine is the epitome of a loyal and affectionate family dog, trekking quite a distance only to find her young and lost human. Lassie Come home was originally published as a short story back in 1938.

The popularity of Lassie’s tale cannot be overstated. From a short story it was expanded into a full-blown novel by its author, Eric Knight. It then inspired a couple of cinematic adaptations, as well as a 19-season TV show, which happens to be one of TV’s longest-running prime time shows.

Harry Potter’s Fang

Fang is a Boarhound. Sometimes this dog is quite brave. Other times he’s such a coward.

If you are a self-confessed Potterhead, surely you know who Fang is. This oversized dog is a lumbering and slobbery hunk of canine goodness, much like its owner, the well-loved Rubes Hagrid. Fang is one of Hargid’s most loyal pets, accompanying him during dangerous adventures such as the one he spent in the Forbidden Forest and the Second Wizarding War.

For the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter series, a Neapolitan Mastiff effectively played Fang’s character.




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