Thanks to a photo posted on social media by a concerned neighbor, an abandoned pit bull is no longer living on the streets.

A resident of Mount Clemens, Michigan, watched his neighbors moving out one day, driving off with all of their belongings. In their front yard, they left some old stuff they didn’t need anymore, and it was heartbreaking to see that their pit bull Boo was one of them.

He says he knows the family deliberately left the dog behind as they returned one time to pick up some of their other belongings, but not Boo.

The loyal dog didn’t leave his former family’s front yard, sleeping on a mattress during the night and sitting there by the day, waiting for his owners to come back.

Taking pity, the neighbor started feeding the pit bull. He also contacted local shelters, but no one came for the dog.

Image credit: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue on Facebook

Luckily, the photo he posted of Boo lying on a mattress outside his old house got a lot of mileage on social media, eventually reaching Mike Diesel, Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue founder.

Mike first made sure the pit bull got to know him well enough to trust him fully. He arrived at Boo’s place 2:30 pm on a Sunday and stayed with the dog for hours, talking and playing with him as well as feeding him.

Mike left at 1:00 am, returning later in the morning with sausage McMuffins and hash browns for their breakfast, but Boo ended up getting all of the food.

He spent another four or five hours getting acquainted enough with Boo to slip a leash around his neck. It took 45 minutes more before Boo let Mike load him into his car and take him to the vet for a checkup.

You can watch Mike and Boo in the video below:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube

Thanks to our friends at Oddity Central for sharing Boo’s story.


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