There are those of us who are dog people, and then there are those of us who are crazy dog people. How do you know the difference? Here are a few warning signs of letting you know you might be heading toward the latter.

Your camera roll is mostly your dog.

pokemon, pikachu, dog

Your photo album has 4,000 photos in it, and 3,500 of them have your dog in them. Whoops.

Your dog sleeps with you.

pets, dog, sleeping

It’s cute when your pup wants to snuggle up with you. But when he moves into the bed permanently, you might be turning into a crazy dog person.

Your dog sits at the table.

house, chair, table

Fido has decided that waiting at the foot of your chair for food is beneath him. You agree. Congratulations, you’re a crazy dog person!

You own a painting of your dog.

cat, dog, cute

You think it’s a nice gesture, and it is! But it’s also a bit crazy. Extra points if you have more than one painting, and they’re on your wall.

Your dog is in most pictures with you.

sitting, waiting girl, dog

We’ve already established your photo album is mostly your dog. You will also take every opportunity to have a photograph of the two of you together. Aww.

You have birthday parties for your dog.

dog, pug, party

You spend weeks planning, decorating, buying presents, and making a cake. Yep,  you’re a little bit crazy. In a good way, of course.

You check up on your dog when you’re away.

laptop, apple, macbook

All good dog owners check in when they’re gone to make sure their pup is okay. Crazy dog people call their dogs or video chat with them. Hey, we understand!

Your dog participates in all holiday celebrations.

dog, christmas, pet

All these human holidays are exhausting.

You dress your dog for Halloween.

halloween, pumpkin, gourd

Who can resist dressing up when there are so many cute pet costumes these days? You get extra points if you dress in matching costumes. You know you want to.



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