LEG dog collar that has option of constantly on or flashing on and off

How To Keep Your Dog Visible At Night

Dogs need to urinate and defecate several times a day, including during the night when they may be difficult to see.  There are ways to ensure that your dog will be visible in the dark to yourself as well as other people, who may be driving a car toward your dog. They may be walking their own dog toward you, or they may be accompanied by a small child that could be frightened by your dog.  One of the best ways to ensure your dog is visible in the dark is to use an LED (Light-Emitting Diode) collar that glows in the dark.

LED dog collars are available from most pet supply stores and large general merchandise retail outlets at a relatively low cost, less than $10.00 in many cases.  Some LED collars not only glow in the dark, but also flash on and off every second to make them easier to see. An example of such a collar is shown in the attached photograph. It has a simple push-button switch that activates the LED to either glow constantly, or flash on and off every few seconds.  The collars use rechargeable lithium batteries which may be replaced when they eventually wear out.

If you frequently take your dog out at night for exercise or to do its sanitary business, it is highly recommended that you utilize one of these collars to help you find your dog if it gets loose, and to ensure others can see your dog.

LEG dog collar that has option of constantly on or flashing on and off


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