With jogging as his daily routine, one man always passes by the same route with nothing much to see but the same trees, houses, and streets he sees every day. But one fateful morning, he saw something that made his mundane jog memorable.

On the side of the road, he noticed a little white puppy running towards him. Although the jogger was unsure if the puppy was homeless or completely abandoned, the man had a hunch that someone just dumped him in the fields for good.

What amazed the jogger was that most strays are anxious and would often run away either at the sight of strangers or when approached due to the lack of human interaction. But to his surprise, the white puppy reacted way differently than most dogs.

The second the jogger went closer to him, he went mad – in a really positive way. It was as if the dog was relieved because his sheer happiness was evident.

Probably after constant efforts of being noticed, someone finally did which made the dog lie on his back for belly rubs and displayed nonstop rollovers and joy in hopes of entertaining a potentially new friend. He was so eager to show off at how adorable he was that the jogger could not resist giving the dog what he wants.

After some good petting, the man allowed his new furry friend to join him for a jog. As soon as the two of them got home, he gave the dog some food and water.

After feeding the dog, he called the local shelter where the dog got his checkup, and luckily for the canine, he was in great shape and soon after, found his fur-ever home.

Thanks to the friendly jogger’s kindness, another dog was off the streets, which helped him find his new home where he will be showered with lots of love and attention.

Source: TDPets via YouTube


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