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While doing the dishes, my Xasi would often weave between my legs as if she’s a cat. I had to remind her that she is not a cat. I thought that only cats do that, but I was wrong. Dogs also tend to walk between their owner’s legs.

So why do dogs walk between their owner’s legs? There is more than one reason. If this is one of your dog’s weird habits, you may want to try to understand where it’s coming from. Let’s go over the possible reasons.

To get attention

Walking between your legs is your dog’s way to get your attention. If you have been busy all day or all week and have not spent quality time with your dog, this is your dog’s way of telling you that he wants to play with you. And it works, right? Can you ignore a dog that’s continuously weaving between your legs? I don’t think so.

Spare your dog a few minutes of quality time every day. If there are other people in the household, it would also help if they would find a little bit of time for the pet as well. Or wouldn’t it be great to spend quality time with the family including your dog? Have the whole family play with your pup. She’ll have a great time.

To elude physical contact

If your dog is not comfortable with being touched or handled, this is his way of protecting himself. Not all dogs are pleased with the sight of other people trying to touch or pet them. Hiding or walking between their owner’s legs is their way to protect themselves and to ask you to defend them.

In this case, you may want to talk to the person reaching for your dog to stop because your dog is not comfortable. If you don’t protect your dog, he might resort to biting or hurting the person reaching out to him. It’s better if you make a move rather than wait for your dog to make further actions to protect himself.

To keep himself from jumping on people

Dogs who are very friendly will tend to jump on others. If you have reprimanded your dog for jumping on other people, then walking between your legs is his way of keeping himself from jumping on other people. This is normal for very friendly and overly excited dogs.

You can train your dog on how to properly react to people instead of weaving between your legs every time he sees someone he wants to jump on.

To relieve itch

Weaving or walking between your legs can also be a way for your dog to rub his itchy coat. It’s possible when the part that’s itching is a part that he can’t reach or scratch – or he’s just feeling too lazy to scratch it himself. You can help him out and scratch his back a little.

Also, if you notice your dog scratching and rubbing himself on things or surfaces a lot, you may want to check for ticks and fleas. You should also check for signs of allergies and skin issues. Find out why he’s itchy and get it treated right away.


Walking between your legs could also be a sign of anxiety. Observe your dog. If you think your dog has anxiety, you have to discuss this with your vet. He can recommend a few activities or training that will help relieve your dog of his anxiety. And if it’s a severe case, your vet can recommend a vet behaviorist who can help you.


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