Has your dog ever hugged you lately? It is comforting and heartwarming as can be, right? And it is good to know that some medical experts say that hugging is good for our health and probably our dogs, too. This dog on the video took hugging to a new level, though. The dog is so funny but as sincere as any other dog when it comes to embracing his owner. Play the button below to see what I mean.

The viral funny dog hugger video

Here is the video of that cuddly, elegant-looking dog who can’t help hugging its dog parent. It is just so cute that you want to repeat watching over and over again. It is so inspiring that you want to start teaching your dog the command to hug when you want one. But come to think of it, dogs have brains and hearts so hugging may be a norm to them and they just don’t know what it is called.

Do dogs need the training to hug?

Dogs are wonderful companions in life, and they have been tagged as man’s best friends like forever – and they are! They will grow old with you, protect you, hug you – the whole deal. They will even work for you if you are in some far-flung areas where dogs can work like horses. So, they have the mind and brains of their own.

You can train it in their new environment like when it is the first time it sets foot on a place or home, as well as do some command exercises for communications’ sake. But they are like people with hearts too. At some points, you don’t even need to introduce hugging to them although you need to let them understand what hug is. That way, it does know what you call that act and not get confused about your commands.

Source: Top Dog Videos via Youtube


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