One’s outside circumstance may not be ideal, but one can always look forward to better days. Willie was chained for seven years of his life, and never knew what it was like to be a real dog. This poor dog has never been in a real house either.

Since he is an older pitbull, he has been labeled as aggressive. One can never tell or gauge his reactions, especially his foster mom, Jill. When Willie was first brought to the shelter, he had several medical issues, was very skinny and one can tell that he is very nervous.

He becomes a totally different dog when he is brought outside. He becomes this happy canine who is discovering how to be a dog for the first time. He enjoys swimming and going to restaurants and anything that involves the outdoors.

What he enjoys the most though, is lying on a bed and doing nothing. He has been chained for seven years that a soft, warm bed was new to Willie and he thinks that it may not be there forever, so he enjoys rolling and lying in bed all day.

This excited dog still needed a forever home, so Jill brought him to an adoption event. Jill was worried at first on how he will react with all the people and animals around him, but Willie surprised his foster mom as he showed how much he loves kids and puppies. He was such a delight at the event that Jill knew she could not let him go.

So Jill made it official and adopted Willie. Willie is pleased to be part of a family and enjoys every moment of his life. According to Jill, her life is plain and monotonous, but Willies enjoys it. She realized that she could not complain about the life she has now when Willie has been through so much and appreciates what he has. Willie really is Jill’s inspiration.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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