Holiday season is upcoming and as we all are busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and doing groceries for Christmas meals and the festive foods to celebrate New Year, let us also be mindful of the specific foods that we need to keep away from our beloved dogs. Same as humans they can also eat foods that can cause them harm than good. It is better to be safe than regret it afterwards.

Here are some of the common foods to have in mind to keep our dogs healthy and harmless.


almonds, nuts, hazelnuts

These are the common finger foods that we offer to our visitors but it should not be given to dogs since it contain high amount of oil and fats that may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Macadamia nut to be exact when eaten by dogs may cause weakness, tremor and hypothermia.

Onions, garlic and chives

vegetables, onions, food

Gastrointestinal irritation may occur when taken. Anemia may appear as well since they can also damage red blood cells. Weakness, vomiting and breathing problems are the common symptoms. Keep yourself from giving your buddy any food that contains these ingredients.

Dairy products

milk, liquid, flowing

Lactase enzyme is necessary to completely digest milk. And dogs have a low amount of lactase compared to humans. Upset stomach or diarrhea will likely occur when consumed by them.

Meat fats and bones

abstract, american, background

Pancreatitis is a disease in which the pancreas becomes inflamed. Dogs can suffer from it by eating trimmed fats from meat. Cooked bones should not be given since it can cause choking when it is small or broken.

Salty foods

chips, tortilla, snack

When we are craving for something salty, sometimes we tend to forget and just share your satisfaction to our dogs. Bear in mind that salt may harm them because it will make them thirsty and can lead to sodium poisoning. Too much consumption of salty foods will give them diarrhea, high temperatures and seizures.


brownie, dessert, cake

We all have our sweet tooth from time to time and of course as we all are excited to partake the sweet treats that we had in mind before the holidays and putting them on our tables lavishly , and as much as we would like to give our cutie dogs for a little reward then it is  time to brush it off your shoulders. Xylitol is a kind of sugar alcohol used as a substitute that is present to some baked goods and candies that can cause liver failure and hypoglycemia.

Those are some of the important guidelines that we can religiously follow to avoid our loved pups from being sick and poisoned. As the saying goes ” Prevention is better than cure “. It will not hurt them if we will be selfish for a while and just keep those foods mentioned above for ourselves. There are many food alternatives that we can provide that is available over the counter or any pet stores. You may also consult veterinarians for some healthy options to keep our best friends healthy and vigorous.







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