Golden retrievers are known for their gentle nature. These dogs don’t have a mean bone in their body. They are sweet as sweet can be.

In fact, if you have a newborn baby in the house, you can entrust it to a golden retriever. This dog will take care of your newborn like it’s her own. Yes, golden retrievers are accomplished, surrogate nannies.

Meanwhile, parrots are curious creatures. With the word curious, we mean two things. First, parrots are interested in things happening around them; second, parrots are weird.

Parrots are known to imitate human sounds. That’s their curiosity at work. Parrots parroting human words is the oddest thing you’ll hear.

Now, what happens if a gentle golden retriever puppy and a curious parrot meet? Well, they become the oddest besties. Here’s a video of this strange but adorable relationship.

In the video, we meet a golden puppy who’s still too young to be worried about the usual existential questions golden retrievers ask. Of course, we are kidding. Golden retrievers do not ask existential questions because that’s the recipe for a miserable life.

And the life of a golden retriever is the opposite of miserable. Take, for instance, the golden puppy in our video. He’s having as much fun with life as caninely possible, and we can’t help but admire his positivity.

Also, we meet a green parrot in the video. This parrot, just like most parrots, is interested in everything that’s happening around him. That includes our happy golden puppy.

Our curious parrot meets our gentle golden puppy. The two quickly become friends. By the intimate way they bond, we can even say they are besties.

It’s not normal to see dogs and birds being affectionate with each other. So this video is quite inspiring to watch. If anything, it gives us hope that friendship and love always win.

Thanks to Viral Paws


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