It’s the norm to bring a child to kindergarten. What about dogs? You can bring your dog to a dog kindergarten while you go to work.

A facility in South Korea is a kindergarten for dogs. They function just like a regular school for children where a teacher is present. Here, the teacher teaches the dogs basic manners.

It is incredible to watch these dogs learn manners like a human being. The dogs even have different classes throughout the day, so their senses will be stimulated.

Their first class is nose work where the teacher would hide a treat, and the dog will find it though sniffing. This activity enhances their sniffing skills. The dog’s second class is playtime. This is where they get time to socialize with their classmates.

This is the time where they have fun and enjoy. The third class is lunchtime. After all the playing, these cute canines get to have their energy refueled by food. They each have their bags with their personal lunch box, notebook, and snacks inside.

Their parents prepare their food before coming to kindergarten. The fourth class might be these canine’s favorite, and that is nap time. When the lights are turned off, the dogs know that it’s time to rest.

The fantastic thing about their nap time is when each dog goes to their bed and take a nap. It’s pretty impressive how disciplined these dogs are. It’s also incredible how they know that it’s nap time, and all of them would lie down and close their eyes.

If only every country has a dog kindergarten like this. People would worry less about their fur babies while they’re away. They know that their babies are well taken care of. This is one inspirational facility that needs to be recognized and given the credit it deserves.

Source SBS TV via YouTube


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