Dogs are man’s best friend. What only a few of us know is that dogs can also be other animals’ best friends. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), man and pup work hand in hand to help protect other animals against poachers.

Garamba National Park in DRC, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers almost 2,000 square miles. It is home to a wide range of animals – one of which are the elephants. In the 70’s, there is a total of 22,000 elephants in the area. Unfortunately, due to poaching, the numbers have dwindled town to merely 1,300.

African Parks – a non-profit organization manages Garamba National Park with the help of Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature that is being run by the national government. These two entities have concluded that they will be partnering with Explorers Against Extinction – a charitable organization based in the UK.

This new partnership aims to help the rangers with their efforts to deter or apprehend poachers that threaten the wildlife that call this park their home. Local Congolese dogs will be trained to be more adept to sniff out poachers in the area to help the rangers in tracking them.

The project will also consider the living quarters for the handlers, kennel for the dogs that will be deployed and equipment to be used in training and operations. The charitable institution will also provide for the medical and maintenance finances in the first year to help the project take off without a hitch.

Additional help is being lobbied in European Union to bolster the initiative and to ensure the continuance of the project. The park rangers are well-equipped and have undergone intensive training but humans can only rely on their eyes in spotting the poachers. Whereas the pups can easily track down these criminals with their sense of smell and this will hopefully aid in bringing them to justice.

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