Some of us find it a bit difficult to wake up early for so many reasons – sleeping late at night, too tired when they doze off, or just not the morning kind of people. The worst reason to wake up late, especially when you have something so important to do, is a broken alarm. Now, that should not cause you any worries because you have a dog. Yes, you read it right – your dog is a good alarm! If you doubt it, then you should watch this funny dog video below.

You will never be late again when your dog keeps check of your waking hour

Right below is the instant viral dog video that shows how good furballs are in keeping you an early bird every day.

Do dogs need the training to wake you up?

You can’t help it; the above video will truly inspire you to set up your dog as an alarm. Watching this compilation will do that to you as it had the others who have watched it before. The video warms the hearts of those who had played the button because while it may seem funny but the act of dogs waking up their owners is so loving and full of affection. Do they get training for this? The answer is yes and no.

Some dogs may have been trained to wake their owners; others do not. This is so as we all know that dogs are creatures of habit. They keep a map or their surroundings as well as the routine of their everyday activities. For this reason, dog owners and parents set up key areas for them and keep it that way. Doing so allow dogs to go back to the same designated area for chowtime, playtime, sleep time, and just about everything it does. So when you try to teach it to wake you up at the same time as the day before and before, it will undoubtedly retain it in mind.

Source: Awesome House Fun via Youtube


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