Dogs are not just our best friends; they are our babies! People who love dogs don’t just think of their furballs as another friend, but they care for them like they would with their babies. While many are scared of the danger that dogs may present around people and most especially babies, dog parents are not. In fact, they even allow their family dog to protect their very own little babies. Just look: below is a compilation of gentle giants who are there for their expectant human moms!

Watch this epic dog and preggy human moms interaction

See how your dogs can actually be a protective baby guard

Are you willing to let your dog near your baby?

When we think of dogs, what flashes in our minds are either scary, fangy creatures or sweet, protective friends. Apparently, the ones in the video above are the latter. As you may have seen already, some of the dogs in the compilation video are massive but they are very gentle and even protective of their human mom’s tummy bump. That’s a sweet display of affection not only to their dog parent but to their soon-to-be family member.

You having the same opportunity to keep your dog up close and personal with your baby is another story, though. If given the chance, are you willing to make your dog your very own personal baby guard? If you are thinking twice, you don’t have to be guilty because some of those dog owners in the video may have the same reaction as you right at the get-go. Everybody understands that this is quite a risk, especially for the baby. Fortunately, they were willing to try and every single one of those who has watched the video loved it.

Source: Laugh TV via Youtube


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