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This dog named Ruby survived a near-death experience because of a fire. After months of recovering from the third-degree burns she incurred, the pooch is now ready to take another chance at life.

The group that saved her from the ordeal decided to name Ruby as the newest member of the Palm Harbor Fire Rescue. The group serves the state of Florida and is one of the busiest fire stations in the United States due to the rampant incidents of fire.

While the firefighters understand that it could be traumatic for the dog to engage in this line of work, the firefighters knew that the pooch could transcend the fear. Ruby sure knows how to be strong despite losing her former owner.

Ruby’s story of survival inspired the firefighters. In an interview, the firefighter recalled how they were able to rescue the pooch. When the fire broke out, the firefighters searched for the barking dog inside the house. Due to the severity of the fire, though, the firefighters retreated.

Two days after, the firefighters went back to the scene. To their surprise, they saw Ruby emerged from the burnt building. While the dog was safe, Ruby looked hurt. So, the firefighter immediately brought her to the nearest clinic to be treated.

Fast forward now, the dog is officially a firefighter as she joined her rescuers for a tour of duty. The dog underwent a series of training to be knowledgeable on basic fire rescue operations. According to her trainers, Ruby showed eagerness to save lives in case of fire. This is enough for the dog to be considered for the job.

The fire station officially welcomed the pooch to their family in a ceremony. During the ceremony, the pooch received a badge. The badge symbolized that she is already part of the group of firefighters.

Posted by Palm Harbor Fire Rescue on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Credits to Palm Harbor Fire Rescue.


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