In times of sorrow, it is therapeutic to receive a warm hug or just have someone to listen to your rants. What’s nice is that in cases when we cannot get it from another person, sometimes a pet can do it for us. Take this story of Cora, a Corgi from Idaho as an example.

Cora has always shown skill in comforting people. According to her owner, Madison Palm, ever since Cora was young, she has this calm, uplifting, and positive attitude that makes even the loneliest people smile. For that reason, she got Cora trained to become a certified therapy dog.

One day, while they were at an airport in Seattle, Madison once again has witnessed how Cora can incredibly uplift a person. She was surprised when Cora came near a man who was sitting near the airport gate. The man was petting her, and instead of calling Cora, she just decided to approach the two.

Madison asked the man if there is anything she can do to help. The man could not hold back his tears and said he just lost his dog the night before. Right at that very moment, Madison knew how sorrowful it is for the man to lose his pet. She was glad that Cora saw him and was able to comfort him.

It was an adorable sight to see that the man enjoys the company of Cora. He was probably reminiscing the days when he still has his dog with him. Cora also obviously likes being with the man, and she kept on cuddling the man.

Madison is very proud of her dear Cora. Cora was indeed naturally gifted with the ability to determine if someone is going through something and might need help. She knows that Cora is still able to help more people in overcoming their sadness.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Madison Palm on Friday, February 9, 2018

Credits to Madison Palm


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