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We are no longer strangers to the stories of dogs being loyal to their owners until the very end. The reason why dogs are known to be man’s best friend is their undying support and love for their owners. This particular pooch has given a whole new definition of the word loyalty.

Olivia Sievers is a dog lover. Due to her busy schedule as a flight attendant, though, she has no time to adopt a dog. Olivia is originally from Argentina, but most often than not, she gets deployed to Germany.

One day, on her way to work, Olivia met a stray dog. Since she loves dogs, the woman showed the dog a little affection. At the same time, Olivia likewise gave the pooch food to eat and water to drink.

This simple gesture of Olivia to the dog would open up new vistas of friendship between the two. It might be a simple gesture on the part of Olivia, but the dog never forgot what Olivia did. When Olivia went away, the dog followed her.

Olivia was clueless all this time that the pooch followed her to the building where she was working. Olivia only learned this when the security guard of the building refused to let the dog go inside. She bid goodbye to the pooch but promised she would go back.

The two had a genuine friendship, but their friendship got tested when Olivia had to be away for six months. The reason for this is work-related. Since the dog had separation anxiety, the pooch waited for at least six months to get reunited with Olivia. All this time, the dog waited for Olivia outside the office’s building. When Olivia returned to the country, she did not expect that the pooch was still there waiting for her. It was a heartwarming reunion between the two.

Posted by Aviation with style on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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