Harper is a Chocolate Labrador who loves anything that has to do with water. Harper likes to make some splashes every chance she gets, and she would not miss it for the world.

Harper likes to jump into the lake and do nothing except to make splashes. Harper’s fur mom recalled that a lot of her friends told her that her dog looks like a jacuzzi jet in the middle of a lake because of the endless splashes that her fur baby does.

Dog Splashes In Lake Every Chance She Gets

This is pure joy 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, October 21, 2019

Harper’s human said that her dog looks incredibly happy when she splashes in the lake. Harper’s mom recalled that her fur baby would always stick out her tongue every single time she is in the water.

Harper’s humans said that they all compare their dog’s love of splashing to water aerobics because of how she exercises in the middle of water by creating a ton of waves. Harper’s mom said that Harper would not mind spending the entire day just splashing, and Harper would definitely stay in the water for five hours if she leaves her for that long.

Harper would do everything she can to get in the water, and her mom said that she would splash as soon as she is in the water. Harper’s mom shared that she would even bribe her dog with treats to get her out of the lake.

Harper’s mom recalled that her neighbor rushed to the lake because they thought that she was drowning, but it turns out that it was just a dog happily splashing in the water. Everyone was relieved that everything is alright and that no one is harmed or anything at all.

Harper’s mom shared that the lake near their home freezes during winter, and their dog would not mind jumping on the snow like how he does when he splashes in the water. Harper’s mom said that her dog is a strange pup, but she loves her nonetheless/

Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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