At Shunyi district in Beijing, China is a “pet wonderland” perfectly suited as a home for a Border Collie named Sylar. The grandiose estate was fully furnished with air-conditioned rooms, custom-made swimming pool, a health spa, a gymnasium, and an extensive garden. Whoever sees this will definitely be at awe with how impressive it is.

Zhou Tianxiao, the 31-year-old owner of the property, was out of work and just lived with his grandmother four years prior. He felt like there was no one to turn to. So he spent ten years of his life drinking, playing computer games, and causing trouble.

After some time, he realized that playing computer games is not what will make him happy. He then started to train Sylar and filmed him doing his tricks. He uploaded the videos on the internet which gained millions of views from people worldwide.

As Sylar continuously gain fame in the online world, Zhou decided to put up an online dog store which sells food and toys for pet dogs. He then used his earnings from the store to rent an exquisitely large property in Shunyi district. Later on, he was able to establish the $500,000 state in the said location. This property serves a luxurious getaway for pets like Sylar.

As soon as the mansion was opened May of last year, tons of people and their pets have experienced the royal treatment that this place has to offer. Dogs can enjoy a warm massage for the price of $58 or experience the health spa for $26. These are truly amazing treats that the pets will enjoy.

Zhou will be forever grateful to Sylar. He said he never knew the loyalty and happiness he was longing for can be found in a pet like him.

Here is the video regarding Sylar:

Video source: South China Morning Post via YouTube

Thanks to our friends over at Oh My Pup for sharing with us the original story.


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