The good thing about having a dog is that you have a ready companion anytime you want to go out. The downside is not all public places are welcoming of the canine breed. This means that dog owners must carefully plan out their doggy dates, so as to avoid being driven away from dog-averse establishments.

Thankfully, more and more businesses are starting to warmly welcome dogs into their premises. This is the case for a South Florida restaurant named Brimstone Doral. In fact, the restaurant staged a special event last July 20th exclusively for pet lovers, with proceeds going to PAWS4U Shelter.

Brimstone Doral is not simply a dog-friendly establishment. It’s a dog haven. If you’re dining in this restaurant, you need to feel no shame about feeding your dog.

If in other “dog-friendly” restaurants you have to stealthily feed your pup under the table, such is not the case at Brimstone. Here you can have a date with your pup proudly and loudly. You can even have a seat for them at the table.

Aside from being a dog-friendly space, Brimstone also offers a sumptuous dog menu. This includes Con Pollo and Filet Pupnon, among others. These dishes are 100% safe for all canine breeds and are sure to delight even the most discerning doggy taste buds.

If you are from South Florida or you’re planning to visit the neighborhood with your canine companion, Brimstone should be included in your must-visit places. Not many restaurants allow dog owners to take their canine companion out on a respectable date so you might as well make the most of Brimstone’s dog-friendliness. It’s also worth noting that the place serves great meals for human taste buds, too.

Most dog aficionados hope for the day when their pets would be welcome anywhere they go. When an establishment pronounces their support of dog ownership, it is best to give it all the support it needs if only to inspire others to do and be the same.

Thanks to Brimstone


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