As herd animals, elephants have a slim to none chance of survival if their family rejects them. Their instinct is to live with other elephants. So when rescuers found Ellie, they tried to re-integrate him to his herd, but to no avail. Volunteers of a rhino orphanage had no choice but to take him in. Without their assistance, Ellie may not survive.

Mending Ellie

Ellie, the baby elephant, was also experiencing several medical issues. He had a large abscess, septicemia, and several other ailments. Infection was already setting in on his abscess, and if left untreated, it could be fatal. Another issue that became a hurdle in his recovery was his severe intolerance to milk. He was allergic to many types of milk, so they had to make him a special formula.

Slowly, Ellie responded well to the treatments given to him. His condition soon became stabilized. Against all the odds, it seemed that Ellie’s physical health was vastly improving. But there was still another stumbling block to get over.

Duma’s help

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As highly socialized animals, elephants need the support of their herds. As he was staying at the reserve of a rhino orphanage, Ellie was the only elephant there. The orphanage was created as a support sanctuary for rhinos that were victims of the rampant poaching of rhino horns.

Despite the vast improvement in Ellie’s physical aspects, his mental well-being was suffering due to loneliness. Ellie would seem lethargic and show no signs of vigor for life. But when Ellie was introduced to Duma, a former service dog, things look brighter for the elephant calf.

The two immediately hit it off. They would then be always together, playing, or eating. Duma has become protective of Ellie and wants to stay beside him all the time. This bond has grown stronger in the weeks that followed, and Ellie was soon showing more interest in life. Thanks to Duma, Ellie has found family.

Source: Earth Touch via Youtube


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