A goat used to live in one of the landfills in the city of Corum in Turkey. Life is hard for more than 900 other dogs who try to survive by eating thrown-away scraps of food and stays warm by concealing under the garbage. Most of them die due to starvation or sickness before help arrives.

Gokce Erdogan, an independent rescuer, has been regularly paying the dumpsite a visit to feed and treat the dogs of their injuries. And in 2017, Rescuers Without Borders have been formed to specifically help Erdogan in her mission. They began to pull dogs off the dumpsite and send them to the United Stated for rehoming.

The first time the rescuers saw Goat, the poor dog had some severe ear lacerations. They knew Goat desperately needed help and has to be rescued ASAP. But she wasn’t sure about the idea. Goat gets terrified when someone tries to come close.

Catching Goat was some serious task. She hid all the time. But finally, when she was caught, Goat was brought straight to the vet’s clinic where she was stitched up.

The goat was supposed to travel to Patim Pet Pansiyon ve Pet Nakil, the boarding facility located in Istanbul. But it would take at least 8 hours to get there, and transportation wasn’t readily available. So Goat had to temporarily stay in a Corum boarding facility.

Two weeks later, Goat chewed through her enclosure and managed to escape. Surprisingly, she reappeared at the site. The team caught her with no fuss. But just before the arranged pet taxi came, Goat escaped, again.

“She went missing for two weeks,” said Rescuers Without Borders Cofounder Crystal Carson. “She emerged back but was in horrible shape. So we had a taxi waiting and brought her straight to Istanbul.”

Photo Credits to Rescuers Without Borders

As Goat recognized some of the dogs who were also at the landfill, she started to relax. A couple of weeks after, Goat flew to start a new life in the United States. John and Lanie Zane of Broken Arrow, OK volunteered to foster Goat and shortly after, they realized Goat was meant to be part of their lives, forever.

“The Zanes helped Goat flourish to the dog she is right now. She has the chance of being just a normal dog. And she loves it.”


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