While humans especially women love to go to the salon and get their hair and nails done, this is not something that dogs like to do. Aside from going to a vet and to get themselves checked, getting groomed is a dog’s pet peeve. They don’t like the idea of their hair being trimmed and their nails being cut.

Some pet owners think that the reason behind it is probably because the pets are terrified when they see razors, scissors, and nail clippers. They might have an idea that this can hurt them at some point. Some pets can be a little stubborn at times so of course, extra care must be provided when grooming them.

A dog owned by Kendal Peifer is no different. He dislikes seeing nail clippers especially if he knows it will be used for him. He may be scared that those huge pliers will come in contact with him.

As expected, cutting the dog’s nails is a big challenge. Kendal and her family know how the dog despises this activity, and he does find a way to resist. But since this is required for hygienic and safety purposes, they also need to find a way to make sure cutting the dog’s nails will become an easy task moving forward.

Kendal’s dad then got an incredibly clever idea. He decided to make a harness which will support their dog each time they cut its nails. The harness is made of a purse. Yes, a purse!

The head of the family bought a purse; put holes in it, enough for the dog’s head, arms, and legs to fit in. He then hung it so that every time they need to trim their dog’s nails, it is as if he is in a zip line carriage. Kendal posted it online, and it racked up a lot of reactions from people all over social media. Everyone was impressed with her dad coming up with this smart hack.

Credits to Kendal Peifer


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